Why You Should Always Have a Video Viewing for Your Move

In the bustling city of London, where every detail matters, ensuring a smooth and efficient move can be challenging. One of the key elements to a successful relocation is having an accurate assessment of your moving requirements. This blog post explains why you should always opt for a video viewing with your moving services in London and the risks associated with companies that provide quotes over the phone.




The Importance of An Accurate Assessment


1. Comprehensive Evaluation: 


A video viewing allows moving companies to accurately assess the volume and nature of items to be moved. This is crucial for providing an accurate quote and planning the logistics of the move. During the viewing, the surveyor can note any special requirements, such as fragile items, large furniture, or items that need dismantling.


2. Identifying Potential Challenges: 


Every property is unique, and so are its moving challenges. A video viewing helps identify any potential issues, such as narrow staircases, lack of elevator access, or parking restrictions. This enables the moving company to prepare accordingly and avoid any surprises on moving day.




Risks of Phone Quotes


1. Inaccurate Estimates: 


When companies provide quotes over the phone without seeing the actual items, they often underestimate the volume of goods. This can lead to higher costs on moving day when the true volume is realised. Accurate quotes are essential to avoid unexpected expenses and ensure a smooth process.


2. Overlooked Requirements: 


Without a video viewing, companies may overlook specific requirements, such as the need for specialised packing materials or additional manpower. This can result in delays and damage to your belongings.


3. Poor Planning: 


Phone quotes do not allow for thorough planning. Important details, such as the need for storage solutions in London or special handling for valuable items, may be missed. Proper planning is crucial for a seamless move.




Benefits of Video Viewings


1. Detailed and Accurate Quotes: 


Video viewings enable moving services in London to provide detailed and accurate quotes. This transparency helps you understand the costs involved and plan your budget accordingly.


2. Personalised Service: 


A video viewing allows the moving company to tailor their services to your specific needs. Whether you require removals in London or storage in London, they can offer solutions that best fit your situation.



3. Quick and Convenient: 


We only ask for 5-10 minutes of your time to conduct the viewing via FaceTime or WhatsApp video. This quick and convenient process ensures that both you and the moving company are on the same page regarding your moving requirements.



4. Peace of Mind: 


Knowing that the moving company has seen your property and understands the scope of the job gives you peace of mind. It ensures that there will be no surprises on moving day, and you can trust that your move will be handled professionally.






Choosing a moving company in London should involve more than just a phone call. Insist on a video viewing to ensure an accurate assessment of your moving needs. This will lead to a smoother, more efficient move, with fewer surprises and a better overall experience.




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